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“Human Suits are an incredibly talented and creative group of storytellers that weave intricate masterpieces of musical art.  Their ability to tailor music to the emotion of visual images is truly amazing.

Ron Garan, ISS Astronaut

“I have utmost respect for them, a new breed of sonic adventurers and illustrators.”

– Charles Hazelwood, Multi-award-winning BBC Conductor and Composer


We are Jerome Alexander, Justin Radford and Maximilian Fyfe. We are the Human Suits. Three childhood friends hailing from the south west of England formed to assist Planetary Collective in their dedication to world view interruption. We make music.

The Human Suits grew up in Bristol, a creatively explosive city where they met Planetary Collective founders Guy Reid and Steven Kennedy. At the age of 15 they were drawn together by virtue of symbiotic creative passions, cultural influences, interests, and philosophies. Since then, they’ve applied their mutual efforts into various artistic mediums including film and music.

Human Suits’ first project was on the award-winning short film Overview, where they produced an enchanting score, now with over 7 million views on Vimeo. They’ve since created the Original Score for Planetary Collective’s debut feature documentary, Planetary.

We make music.